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Violet Rose

5 Core 8" Car Audio Speakers with Bullet 580 W 4 Ohm Mid-Range

5 Core 8" Car Audio Speakers with Bullet 580 W 4 Ohm Mid-Range

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Improve your in-car audio with our top of the line- 8 inch subwoofer speaker

5 Core 8 Inch Subwoofer Car speaker is the ultimate upgrade for your vehicle's sound system. The car audio subwoofers are engineered with the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art technology to deliver exceptional sound clarity and power.

With its easy installation and stylish design, our 8 in subwoofers can be integrated into most car models without any hassle/ Let's explore some of the USPs of our door speaker:


8 inch subwoofer Mid Range Stereo Car speaker USPs

  • MIDRANGE THAT HANDLES IT ALL - The 8in subwoofers' mid-range driver that can answer the call to handle the most significant part of the audible sound spectrum. A speaker that sounds great with just instrumentals and, even better with vocals.

  • POWER YOU CAN COUNT ON - The MR 8 BLT 8 inch subwoofer delivers an impressive 580W Max Power with 190W RMS at 4 Ohms, enough to tackle a full range of audio.

  • HIGH-QUALITY VOICE COIL - 1.5” high-temperature Kapton voice coil in Stereo Car Speaker can handle extreme heat and maintain its structural integrity meaning long life out of your speakers.

  • TAKE YOUR SYSTEM TO THE NEXT LEVEL - Get the most out of your system by upgrading to a 8 inch subwoofer that gives you everything you're missing from your stock stereo. Discover what a true midrange speaker can do for you.

  • 8" LOUDSPEAKER WITH BULLET - Specifically designed Bullet dust cover to protect the voice coil and provide the optimal sound each and every time.


Technical Specifications 8 inch car audio subwoofers:

  • Type : Woofer
  • Size : 8" inch
  • RMS : 190W
  • PMPO : 580W
  • Voice Coil : 1.5” High-Temperature Kapton
  • Magnet : 30 oz
  • Impedance : 4 ohms

Our top-of-line 8in subwoofers are the perfect solution for enhancing your in-car audio. Its exceptional sound quality, easy installation, and durability make it the ideal choice for the music lover.

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