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5 Core Premium Car Amplifier 2 Channel Car Audio System Power

5 Core Premium Car Amplifier 2 Channel Car Audio System Power

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5 Core Premium Car/truck/Boat/Bus/Rv Amplifier 2 Channel

5 Core 2x15 Watts Mini Stereo Power Amplifier with Analogue VU Meter MP3/USB/SD Readers, Aux Input This 5 Core Amplifier Unit will transform your home audio into a multi-room marvel. Complete with USB/SD memory readers, CD and AUX inputs, this simple to use and durable amp has a Round blue display, L/R RCA inputs, and 4 speaker terminals.

Using sophisticated circuitry and premium components for uncompromising performance. Use the 3.5mm AUX + 2 Microphone Mono Input Jacks to connect additional devices. This powerful amp delivers clear audio for all of your audio needs, separate treble and bass rotary control knobs for audio adjustment. It might look small, but this is one powerful amp that is made to last.USP: · This also has ECHO function · Separate Microphone Audio Control Function. · Separate Mid Bass & Mid Treble Controls for best Sound Output.

What does the car stereo amplifier do?

  • Outside noise, as well as interior sounds such as running AC, often surpass the car audio. The stock sound system can not win over those noises. In contrast, the best car stereo is designed to gain enhanced volume to surpass unwanted noise.
  • Car stereo technology is evolving. And sometimes the car manufacturers put old models into the car. Therefore, it may never contain the latest features or tech. In such conditions, car amps give you better options since the manufacturers are constantly updating their tech to attract more clients.
  • The 5 Core car stereo system excels at reducing disturbance. The amplifier delivers enough power to the speaker system so they can perform at their best. It reduces distortion and unwanted noise. As a result, you get clean and clear audio like never before.
  • Oftentimes the OEM headhunts limit how many speakers you can add to the car. Sometimes, we have seen that the head unit doesn’t even come with a port to add new speakers. Adding extra speakers is a common method to improve car sound. And if you have a 5 core car stereo, you can add extra speakers at your convenience. 

The best way to upgrade your car’s audio is by replacing the OEM car stereo system with new and powerful amplifiers for the car. A good quality car amplifier offers an impressive performance boost. You will experience music and enjoy every minute of it.

5 core car stereo amp is the key to better music in the car

Car stereo significantly improves the vehicle's sound system. Car amplifiers are far superior to a regular OEM-installed head unit. Whether you are fond of loud or soft, the 5 core car stereo's extra power will bring new life to your favorite tracks.

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    Compact and Powerful Mini Amp System
  • 2X Mic Input for Tour Presentations, Karaoke, Speech.
  • USB Charge Port - USB Flash & SD Memory Card Readers - RCA L/R Audio Input
  • AUX (3.5mm) Input Connector Jack - Connect Devices like Smartphone’s, Tablets, MP3 Players, etc.
  • Power Output: 15 Watt x 2 - 1/4'' - Analogue VU Meter



Product Specifications

  • Ean: 0810047169901
  • Model Number: CEA 14
  • Part Number: CEA 14
  • Size: 2 Channel x 15 Watts
  • UNSPSC Code: 52161500
  • UPC:  810047169901
  • Brand Name: 5 Core
  • Part Number:  Car Amplifier Parent
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